The HellBilly Pulpit: The Poesy of a HellBilly…

The HellBilly Pulpit: The Poesy of a HellBilly…

A conjurer of words…


It’s what keeps me sane. It keeps me in reality. I’m afraid that if I don’t let out the inner turmoil and anguish, self-imposed or otherwise, I will go insane. 

Well, maybe insane is a bit of an embellishment, but it is definitely something that I do to relieve stress. 

I have many muses that make me put pen to paper. Sometimes it may be something I’m personally dealing with or maybe seeing someone else struggle with their own issues and demons. I feel empathy and that sets my pen to flow. I have always been an underdog and a fan of the underdog. I like to speak for those who can’t themselves. 

I write for not just myself any longer, but for maybe even… you. You see, I’ve climbed out of those holes that seem to have no end. I’ve wrestled with that despair and torment. I’m still fighting those battles, but now, I sit here with my pen letting it all out. 

I believe I was invited to contribute to this blog for a reason. I believe that most things aren’t coincidental and as I’ve learned on my path, speak and be true. Everyone has a purpose and a meaning. I believe that in my willingness to put words to page while focusing my intent, that is me casting my spell. That is me letting those demons out that shouldn’t be kept in. 

The world needs to see that we are stronger than what they think of us. We have the strength. We have the creativity. We have the resolve to keep going forward. We are as above as we are below and we aren’t afraid to lay it all out and bleed till we can no more. As we push and push through that everyday rat race of life. We need to call out the bullshit that is given to us every day. 

I will bleed so you don’t have to. I will be your voice. I will cry your anguish and scream your pain. We can get through whatever is thrown at us. We have to stand up when we get knocked down and make something positive out of it. 

That is why I write.

To get us started on this journey together, I’ll leave my first piece here with you now.

Abandoned to your own Feeling lost and afraid No comfort in your childhood home

What will give you solace? What will make you safe?

Only you know the answers Make your own leap of faith Don’t be afraid to be all your own

This is your vessel Your temple Your place

Wield your feelings Throw away your doubts Nobody can judge you

You are your own….

Inside and out

Till next time.

The HellBilly Pulpit Blog by @hellbillyvvitch

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