The Hellbilly Pulpit: The Hellbilly Poet Commences

The Hellbilly Pulpit: The Hellbilly Poet Commences

`HELL-o all!

I’m @hellbillyvvitch and I’m here to engulf you with my love of poetry and prose. I am however a realist. There are no sunshine and rainbows, nor puppy-dog love to be found in my writing. I cut myself to the bone, bleeding out thoughts and feelings. I will take you to the darkest, loneliest corners of my mind sharing my thoughts and feelings, leaving nothing sacred.

My little corner of the blog “The HellBilly Pulpit” will be about the influences of religion, music, art, mental illness, society at large, and what I take away from the world’s treatment of all of these, and how this Appalachian Hellbilly comes to terms.

I started out writing lyrics for some of the trash punk/metal bands that I was in back in my youth and over the years it has become a part of me. A place to release my internal anguish, misery, and frustration. And with the way that 2020/2021 has unfolded, I was given a chance to review who I am and where I truly want to go with my writing future.

What I’ve learned is you will always be evolving. It’s never too late to learn something new. Don’t be afraid to bleed on your page. Be you. Be real. Be honest. Be art.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I hope it entertains and gets you to think about the bigger picture that surrounds you.

I look forward to what comes next. Ava Satanis!

Talk to you soon.


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