Greed vs Honor

Greed vs Honor

Ethics, Valued on principal or money?

I’m just a small town, rural individual with my highest education being of a high school graduate, so this opinion of mine doesn’t come from a highly educated point of view, but rather from my life experience, common sense, and empathy.

Corporations. We all know they are wicked and do what they need to do for the almighty dollar. There have been recent changes in my life that are spurred on by a new entity taking over my work program that has been in active service since 2004.

The names have changed, but the management hasn’t really. That’s not really a bad thing in and of itself, but we have been happy with our little “work family” and we had some success in what we do over the years.

However, now that a new player that sits on the international stage has entered the game, things are no longer as they once were.

Where we once valued the employees' welfare and morale, we have pushed away for what is most efficient. Where we used to be about helping our customers being the top priority, has been relegated to a “get 'em in, get 'em out” mentality. The core of the information that we used to provide has gone from “what can we do to assist/educate you…” being the priority to making their overall experience their top priority. Damnit to hell if the information was correct, but were the customers “happy” with their contact resolution.

This is frustrating to no end for a career customer service rep. Such as myself of 22 years. This mentality and hospitality do not go hand in hand. Our company leaders have just thrown their hands up in submission and have had little to no say in how things are being run now. There’s been no attempt at a compromise. There has been no communication to the workers about the upcoming changes going into effect other than the date they are taking effect. Minimal training, minimal explanation of what the new direction is going to be. Nothing more than a “wait and see” type of mentality. One of the buzzwords in all of this has been transparency. LOL. Usually, when that word is tossed about daily as much as anything else, there is behind it, little or no transparency to speak of.

Jobs change. Corporate structures and mission statements change. That’s all well and good and expected. But, the problem that eats at me and my coworkers on this subject is that the management that we had come to have unwavering faith in, has all buckled to the new processes without sticking up for any of the employees. Some of us have been here for almost 20 years. This seems to matter little to anyone and is tossed aside as the way things are shaping to be.

This isn’t rocket science. The reason most people have come to terms with a company being evil, heartless and gutless is because of the lack of transparency, to the contrary of what they preach.

There has been much backstabbing and mud-throwing these last few weeks. All of the upper management’s actions are suspect and nobody is willing to call them out on it. Except me.
I’m calling them out on their disrespect to not only the workplace, the workers, or their families, but also to the fact that they have done nothing but become pandemic deniers and self-righteous zealots preaching about how things are going to be different, how things are going to change for the better.


The little company that once was run by the locals, the ones that knew what the hardships and struggles look like in this area, has become nothing but an extended tentacle of ignorance and disregard for their friends, neighbors, and citizens. They have forgotten that we are people first and foremost and NOT just another replaceable drone. The climate has changed from ethical to greed-laden ignorance.

Be careful what you wish for my friends. The universe is powerful and may throw something back at you that you wanted all along, but it could be one hell of a ride getting there.

Just because a company can do something, doesn’t always mean that it should. Especially when it’s money vs. ethics.

If you find yourself in a situation that your “gut” tells you doesn’t seem quite right, go with it. It’s usually right. I should have seen the writing on the wall long before this, but I allowed my trust in people to hold onto their morals and nature/nurture to the best of their ability and I have been beyond extremely disappointed that they fell far short of the credit I had always given them.

I’ve been doing this for far too long and have come to the realization that this is not life. Humans were not designed to sit indoors in small little cubicles or stuck in factories with little to no hope of truly living a happy life. We toil away at what we think is important not realizing what it is that is slipping away. However, humans do need work to do. That is a fact. But the hierarchy of work vs. quality of life needs to seriously be reevaluated. (at least here in the states, I know some of you out there do not have this same problem, or at least not in the same magnitude).

I am tired. I am worn out, burnt out, and exhausted from doing this wash-rinse-repeat cycle, again and again, to see that I’m no better now than where I was ten years ago. I’ve asked for guidance, I’ve asked for strength. I’ve asked for help in letting me escape this self-imposed prison and make a clean break.

Let me tell you, at least as far as I’m concerned… What you put out there in the universe, what you ask for... Well, you better be ready for what comes back to you.

I made a request for cleansing and guidance for 2022 for not only personal growth but to also help me find a way to leave my current job by the end of the year. I wrote my needs/wants/goals on my trusty writing tablet and set each one ablaze while pushing out and focusing on my intent to the universe. Meditating and musing on just how these changes I was reaching out for would play out if they would play out in a way that I would recognize. In my heart and my mind and my soul, I knew that I needed change. I was not going to be able to continue to be a functioning adult on any level if I kept on the same path that I was at the time.

The universe listens.

Now, here is where the “be careful what you ask for” warning comes into play. I received my sign... My assistance, just recently but, there has been a price to pay. I’m losing friends, I’m losing some great co-workers, and I’m seeing the true colors of people I used to depend on just change completely. I asked for help thinking that maybe I was just asking for confidence to just let go, to be able to redesign and reevaluate my life and make the necessary changes so that I may have real change.

But, what I’m getting is that and more. It’s made the filter I’ve used to look through at people in my life drop away and now, I’m seeing those people in their petty and vindictive personas, as they look for loopholes to make me and others seem like failures at what we do. And I now have to sit here and fight for my honor so that I can still look myself in the mirror in the coming days. This has made me very conscious of my actions and just what kind of consequence comes from my decisions. I must train myself now to be even more vigilant and make sure I’m doing the right thing by my conscious and to what I think, no believe, that my ancestors themselves would do or approve of themselves. Every little decision goes to the universe, whether it’s your god, your own morality, or what you fear you need to do to be successful in this life to be able to continue to your next level afterward. Your spirit world, whatever it may be that you believe in, I believe 100% is watching you and will either slap you down if you get carried away or keep pushing you along if you are struggling.

As Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park- “life…finds a way”.

Be good to those around you. The universe is watching.

Ava Satanis

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